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David Neuzerling

David Neuzerling

Data, Maths, R

There’s always a need for more tidymodels examples on the Internet. Here’s a simple machine learning model using the recent coffee Tidy Tuesday data set. The plot above gives the approach: I’ll define some preprocessing and a model, optimise some hyperparameters, and fit and evaluate the result. And I’ll piece all of the components together using targets, an experimental alternative to the drake package that I love so much.

I’m obsessed with how to structure a data science project. The time I spend worrying about project structure would be better spent on actually writing code. Here’s my preferred R workflow, and a few notes on Python as well.

Suppose I want a function that runs some setup code before it runs the first time. Maybe I’m using dplyr but I haven’t properly declared all of my dplyr calls in my function, so I want to run library(dplyr) before the actual function is run. Or maybe I want to install a package if it isn’t already installed, or restore a renv file, or any other setup process. I only want this special code to run the first time my function is called. After that, the function that runs should be…

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